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Toni! Tony! Tone! Or let me out of this loser life for $69.99 plus S&H-Tony Robbins

With Arianna Huffington drinking Tony Robbins’ purple Kool-Aid I think it’s time to bring one out of the vault. This is from one of the many times Robbins, the self-proclaimed “Inventor of the Life Coaching Industry” (if anyone gave me that title I’d go into the witness protection program) tried to resurrect his tired “Personal Power’ tape series.


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Jersey Gurls

It’s been decades since I’ve written and performed my last parody tune,and I’m probably much worse for the wear, but here it is, “Jersey Gurls”sung to the tune of “California Gurls.” And a big thank you to Punkprincess01for doing a much better job of putting together a no-vocals version,than I could ever do,

If you just must watch something as well as listen to it, have fun.


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I heart Newark

Ah Facebook. Repository of the absurd, the profane, the banal, the reverie-inducing.

That last was provoked by a friend’s pic of her standing with Santa at Bamberger’s in Newark, NJ. circa 1965.

Summers spent working at mydad’s dry cleaning story on Washington Street, hanging out at Bamberger’s andtrolling Newark for comics and great food (sausage and pepper, egg andpepper,hot dogs and peppers-all on Italian bread, of course.)

Some of thegreatestsoul acts of the 60’s would play the old movie houses like the Bradford and the Adams (James Brown anyone?) and send us their dry cleaning. The closest I got to stardom was tossing their gold lame’ gowns and silver suits into the dry cleaning machine. I don’t know if it was the perc or my fantasy of living like the people who wore these clothes, but I was high.

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Roberta Gale

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