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Executweet and Skymall

The difference between Executweet and Skymall is that you can check out only one of them while flying.


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Now older with added nag!

I never thought I’d be obsessing over the color of my hair-and the other changes that go along with it have colored my emotions in a not-always-wonderful way.

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Me and Lou Dobbs and some decent makeup for once!

Hey kids-here I am on Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN-putting my toe in the tar pit of punditry!

If you are viewing this in Facebook, please check for video or audio either on, or on my wall, as Facebook only publishes print in feeds.

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Masks of Distinction

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I bought a few N-95 masks at the same time I made fun of people who did so. I’m always willing to practice apocalyptic hypocrisy if it results in humor, while getting me what I need just in case. And N-95 for H1N1 sounds cryptic in that cool action movie way.

This is a great time for me to stock up on masks, because we’re in the window between the time the Swine Flu hysteria has slacked off a bit, and the time when the media begins pumping the second wave of Swine Flu stories. There’s been a few of them trickling through, but they’ve been eclipsed by the retirement of Supreme Court Justice David Souter, who’s returning to his hot bachelor pad in New Hampshire. The place looks like Jeb’s shack before he hit black gold, Texas Tea, and moved with his family to Beverly Hills. Yes, this is the actual photo.

And of course there’s the death of Dom DeLuise-it’s hard to feel sad about the death of someone you thought died years ago. I feel a bit cheated since my mourning is muted.

Wait-STOP THE UPLOADING! This just in from CNN: Swine Flu Casts a Cloud Over Cinco de Mayo
Damn it! Too bad Cinco de Mayo is just a blip on the Mexican calendar, and only wildly celebrated here in the US. It if was popular in Mexico, I could have gone down there and sold my N-95’s at inflated prices to Mexicans desperate to celebrate the thrilling battle of Puebla. And no, I wouldn’t have sold them for useless pesos-American dollars and commodities only.

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