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Great Pizza In Tucson

I’m a North Jersey girl who’s lived all over the country-and  a fiend for good pizza. Not good thin crust, thick-crust, stuffed, Chicago style, or gourmet pizza, just great f**king pizza.

Brooklyn Pizza is the best pizza in Tucson, period. For people who love pizza, that is. People who know that toppings are merely gilding the lily of an amazing pizza. Dough, sauce, cheese. Every one of these elements needs to be top-notch and Brooklyn Pizza’s are. The sauce is not to tart nor too sweet, the cheese is high-quality and plentiful, the crust is salty yeasty, and chewy, and the underside of the pizza is the perfect shade of brown with a few charred lowlights-the sign of a perfectly baked pie.

Even the slices are fresh and don’t taste like they’ve been sitting on top of a cold metal pizza pan for an hour, pathetically attempting to warm themselves by the light of a 100 watt bulb.

The prices are cheap- as they should be in a decent pizza joint. You go for the pizza, not the atmosphere.

A restaurant blogger once warned against going into restaurants where the people look too happy because it meant the place was more about the social scene than good food. I agree. And the people in Brooklyn Pizza look like they’re eating, not smiling.

My only complaint is that the last time I bought a sausage pizza (yes, the sausage, which I think is homemade, will blow you away, too) the pizza maker was a bit light of hand with the topping and I got about half of what I usually get. Is this a fluke, or a cost-cutting move? I don’t know, but I’m still going to give Brooklyn Pizza five stars because they’re the only people in Tucson who truly understand how to make the real thing.

Extra props for homemade gelato,a solar-powered oven, and the Sky Bar next door where you can enjoy your pizza with anything a full bar can conjure up.

C’mon down.


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Roberta Gale

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