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I AM Shpilkes

If there’s anyone alive more hyperactive than I am, I want to meet them. Of course they’ll probably drive me crazy. I drive me crazy and I’m me. Do you ever want to get away from yourself but you can’t because you’re you? I know the feeling.

I wonder why I’ve been so tired for the past few months-menopause, depression, the change of season, boredom with a mind that just won’t quit even after the bell rings, the tenth inning, the clock runs out of time. Gee, maybe it has something to do with that fact that even at 53, I just can’t stop moving and/or talking. Even in my sleep. Or so Dave says. I find it hard to believe that after moving and talking all day that I wouldn’t just conk out and keep still for a few hours, so once the willingness outweighs the inertia, I’ll set up a video camera and see for myself. With any luck, the few seconds of fame I’ve enjoyed  in my professional life will encourage someone to steal the tape and put it on YouTube. Or Blip. Or Vimeo. I just added those last two to make you think I was cool. Of course I’m not because if I was I wouldn’t care whether you thought I was cool or or not. That’s sort of Zen-ish, which is definitely cool unless Buddhist references became outdated while I was sleeping and allegedly moving and talking.

Was I talking about anything important before I got off on this tangent? i hope not, because I forgot, and I’m too lazy to read the beginning and find out.


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A time to feel great, a time to feel like crap, etc.

I went to the Tucson folk festival last night. No, I’m not a huge fan of folk. Yes, I can appreciate the emotion and to-the-bone honesty in the music.

No, it was not a bunch of hippie clothing booths that drew me downtown. Yes, it was Chris Hillman – he of the Byrds,, Flying Burrito Brothers, R&R Hall of Fame, Manassas, etc.

No, he did not sing the lead of the Byrdsoriginal version of the following song,( set to music by Pete Seeger in the early ’50s and taken almost verbatim from the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes) but he sure did a damn good job (dig his mandolin playing!)

Audio nerd note: I was very excited to try out my new Olympus LS-10 audio recorder. No external mics or plugging into an audio board-I just held it in front of a speaker. It could have used more bass, and Chris’ vocals should have been louder and mixed up front, but I didn’t want to screw with the live sound.

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Roberta Gale

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