Im a lazy human being and I have no right to be on the blogosphere

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According to some site that I glanced at once that I’m too lazy to check out again or even hyperlink to, a huge number of blogs are abandoned after a few weeks or a few months or some other statistic that I half-remember but don’t feel like searching for right now.

I can see why.

Blogs are similar to relationships. When you first meet, you’re smacked by that bolt of phermerones that keeps you so full of in-love stupidity that you post ten times a day. You call in sick, ignore family and friends and survive on whatever frozen crap is closet to the checkout lane.

Then, the shift. Imperceptible at first, ignorable for a while, but you feel it deep in the pads of your fingers. You start differentiating between day and night, begin wearing clothing again, and suddenly notice those breathing things walking around in your house. Your posts twitter down to once a day.

Once a day! You can do this! There’s so many things going on in your head that surely you can post something, even a few sentences, once a day.

Once a day. Every damn day.

And you do for a while, because you’ve told everyone you have a blog and they commented a few times on the clever bon mots you saved and published. At this point, clicking on the publish button still gives you a thrill. You’re an author!

But authors come out with books maybe once a year at the most. And since you take so much care to structure your sentences and show off your writing chops as opposed to those hacks that multiply like bacteria in the Petri dish of the Internet, you’d be prolific if you post even once a month.

I mean, you have to redo your business website that you’ve ignored for the past year. You’re teaching Web writing and your own site reads like the kind of bad example you’d show your students. You’ve got to either hustle more or get off the air with this crazy dream that you can continue your radio career in a recession while staying put. Your husband feels ignored, your dog is shedding like crazy, your house looks like crap and you’re embarrassed to have anyone over.

So you tell yourself that posting as often as a non-menopausal woman has a period would be fine and after all, you can spend less time honing your pithy/witty Tweets instead-the ones that go directly to Facebook so you don’t have to jack around with writing stuff solely for that time suck.

Hey, you don’t have to post at all anymore! You can just cut and paste your Tweets onto your blog, and when you have enough, you can make a real live printed book from your Tweets!

Then you’ll be an author and start a blog. At first, you post daily…

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