Swine Flu Fever

April 30, 2009 at 6:13 pm Leave a comment

I accomplished next to nothing today, and for that, I have no one but Swine Flu, A.K.A. Mexican Flu. A.K.A. H1N1 A.K.A. Mad Pig Disease, to blame.

Yep, I caught Swine Flu Fever -or SF squared as my hip mind is compelled to call it-and now I can’t stop checking the latest toll. the CDC and the  WHO may have the most factual info, but the networks have the most exciting and  frightening presentation.

I actually woke up this morning and did something I’ve never done before-go right to the TV set to check out the latest stats. My SF squared would not be denied.

I learned that someone who calls herself “Dr. Nancy” likes BBQ pork from certain street corner vendors in New York, and stuffs her face with it in front of tens of millions of people just to show you can’t get Swine flu from eating the little buggers all chopped up with delectable sauce.

I also learned how to cough into my elbow instead of my hand, use tissues to sneeze instead of my hand, wash my hands with my hands, and stay home from work or school when I’m sick. And to keep tuning in as the death and non-death toll mounts and people get voted off for life.  It’s sort of like watching American Idol, only with the whole world competing.

I feel left out becuase I don’t have the actual flu yet. I want to be one of the early adopters, those ultra kewl cognoscenti who do stuff way before the rest of us. With my luck, I’ll be the last person on early to get it. Literally.

Another little bastard I still don’t trust.

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