Quail Sculpture-Peck Art -and I’m practicing adding images and a crapload of hyperlinks!

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My Quail block costs 23 bucks for a 30 lb. block, and they used to last about two months. Now I’m lucky if I get two weeks put of it. For those of you who don’t live in areas where quail conjugate, a quail block is a almost impenetrable block of birdseed-the equivalent of compressed rawhide.

But just as the increased density of the dog bone does little to increase its life and placate the “aggressive chewer,” the quail block gives the finger to the “man” part of “man vs. nature.”

It stands on a five-foot platform in my backyard-a structure built to protect it from the herds of living trash compactors called javalina, but apparently not from White-winged doves (i.e. pigeons, i.e. the cockroach of the desert,) and Curve-Billed thrashers and Gila Woodpeckers and every other bird that the indiscriminate Gamble’s Quail decide to invite over.

But I have to admit the results of this artistic gestalt are quite impressive. I don’t have any pics of a brand-new block, because I’m going to let the gang sell their own feathered asses to get seed for the next month, but after a few days it looks like the image above-sort of like an old adobe ruin.
But the work goes quickly, and the symbiosis is evident. If Darwin saw all the adaptation going on, he’d forget all about the Galapagos.

The quail, woodpeckers, and thrashers chisel right into this puppy, softening it up so the doves can flap in for the kill. Yes, I said puppy. As in, this masterpiece looks like a dog. Check it out-it’s sort of beagle-like, the nose and mouth are on the left side, a flappy ear on the right, and the comically short legs and bobbed tail are below. It’s like I have my own little Texas Canyon, or anywhere that weathered boulders resemble something familiar.

Then little by little, the Quail art fades, slips away like the proverbial seed in a block. Until the pile diminishes, and little is left but the crumbs of what once was. I always become sad and annoyed at these times-sad because the beauty is gone forever, and annoyed because it’s time to buy another 23 dollar, 30 pound quail block. I don’t have the heart to show you any less than this

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